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NARAL Pro-Choice California PrivacyPAC Announces Early Endorsement of Sandra Fluke

NARAL is the first pro-choice organization to come out in support of a candidate in the race, and the choice is clear: Sandra Fluke for state senate.

Sacramento, CA – Amy Everitt, state director of NARAL Pro-Choice California, announced today that the organization’s political action committee, PrivacyPAC, has endorsed Sandra Fluke in her race for California’s 26th senate district. NARAL also announced endorsements of Attorney General Kamala Harris, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assemblymember Toni Atkins, and Senator Holly Mitchell in their reelection campaigns.

"Sandra Fluke is a champion for California women and their families,” said Everitt. "She bravely spoke up on Capitol Hill in defense of contraceptive coverage and has been a tireless advocate in California on behalf of legislation like last year’s Abortion Access Bill (AB 154, Atkins). She is not only a pro-choice candidate, but part of a new generation of progressive leaders fighting for reproductive justice. In the senate, Sandra will join a committed pro-choice majority. Endorsing Sandra was an obvious choice, because we know that she will be a champion and leader for reproductive rights in Sacramento. We’re so excited to help her get there.”

Fluke garnered national attention in February of 2012, when Congressional Republicans prohibited her from testifying, instead hearing from a panel of only men on a question of women’s health. She then testified before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on the importance of insurance plans covering contraception. Despite ongoing personal attacks, she continues to tirelessly speak out for social justice.

"Two years ago, when extreme voices sought to silence me, NARAL was one of the first organizations to stand with me and I am so grateful that they’ve continued to be with me every step of the way,” said Fluke. "Now that I’m running for state senate, it means so much to me that NARAL Pro-Choice California’s PrivacyPAC is coming out early to be the first pro-choice organization to endorse a candidate in this competitive election. I look forward to continuing to fight for reproductive justice alongside NARAL during my time in the state senate.”

Although best known for her advocacy for gender equality and reproductive justice, for the last decade Fluke has devoted her career to public interest advocacy for numerous social justice concerns, such as LGBTQ rights, worker rights, economic justice, immigrant rights, and international human rights, including focusing on the impact to communities of color.

Below is a comprehensive list of NARAL Pro-Choice California’s newly endorsed candidates.

Kamala Harris, Attorney General. As Attorney General, Kamala Harris has fought to protect a woman’s right to choose in California. She worked to defend the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that private health insurance companies cover contraception. Harris also actively supports and campaigns for other pro-choice candidates, especially women.

Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner. During his first term as Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones has been a champion for women’s access to healthcare. He has fought to provide women with access to free or low-cost essential preventative care services. As a legislator, Jones voted to prohibit gender-based health insurance pricing and to require the inclusion of maternity services.

Tom Torlakson, Superintendent of Public Instruction. 
Tom Torlakson has proven his strong commitment to California women, children and teenagers. As a former teacher and superintendent, he advocated for sex education in schools and has consistently voted in favor of pro-woman, pro-choice legislation.

Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assembly District 65 (Orange County).  
NARAL Pro-Choice California supported Sharon Quirk-Silva in her 2012 election and is proud to endorse her once again in 2014 for reelection.  Quirk-Silva won a difficult campaign against an anti-choice candidate two years ago, and right wing extremists are targeting her again this year.  Quirk-Silva has proven herself as a strong advocate on behalf of women and their families, which is why NARAL Pro-Choice California will work hard to ensure her reelection to the state assembly.  

Toni Atkins, Assembly District 78 (San Diego). Toni Atkins is a rising pro-choice star in the California Assembly. Even before she ran for political office, Atkins was serving her community as director of clinic services for a women’s healthcare center in San Diego. As Majority Leader and Speaker-Elect, Atkins has demonstrated her strong commitment to women’s rights by authoring and supporting pro-choice legislation. In 2013, she sponsored the Abortion Access Bill (AB 154), one of the only bills nationwide to expand access to abortion care that year. This important legislation came at a crucial moment, as many states were trying their best to restrict those same services to women. As Speaker, Atkins will guide the legislative agenda of the Assembly, driven by her pro-woman and pro-choice values. 

Holly Mitchell, Senate District 30 (Culver City).  Holly Mitchell recently won a special election for the 26th State Senate District. She has long-proven her commitment to California women and families. Along with Assemblymember Toni Atkins, Mitchell co-sponsored 2013’s Abortion Access Bill (AB154) and worked hard to ensure its passage. She sponsored legislation to facilitate access to contraception, provide assistance to pregnant teenagers, and prevent organizations which discriminate based on sexual orientation from claiming tax exemption.

Sandra Fluke, Senate District 26 (Los Angeles).  Fluke catapulted to national renown as a staunch advocate of reproductive justice after testifying about the contraception mandate before Congress in 2012. She will be a powerful advocate for fair and equitable healthcare access in the Senate. 


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