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California businesses stand against discrimination

All Californians should have the ability to make private decisions that affect their reproductive health, economic security, and other aspects of their lives without employers intruding. When employers interfere with health care, itís dangerous to womenís health and livelihoods.

Women in California and around the country have been fired for their private reproductive health decisions--like Teri James, a financial aid specialist at San Diego Christian College who lost her job for becoming pregnant while unmarried. Our state can take a stand to protect workers and oppose the Trump administrationís pro-discrimination agenda with the Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Act.

Businesses across California are joining with NARAL Pro-Choice California to support the Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Act. They're showing that good employers understand that no one should lose their job because of their private reproductive health decisions.

Learn more about the Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Act with our fact sheet.

Are you a business owner?

Click here to sign our letter of support for the Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Act and be featured on our list of businesses that support reproductive freedom and take a stand against discrimination.

Find businesses who support the Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Act:


Check out businesses in your neighborhood that are standing up for reproductive freedom and show them your support:


Mill Valley
Morgan Hill

Laguna Beach

Lake Forest
  • The Corporate Film Guys



San Francisco

San Jacinto
San Mateo
San Rafael
Santa Cruz

  • Ken Fowkes Beekeeping


  • Women's Work Production

Valley Village
West Hollywood

  • Ryba Consultants

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