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New Investigation: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Target and Lie to Women about Abortion Options, NARAL Pro-Choice California Finds

Today, NARAL Pro-Choice California released findings from an undercover investigation that reveals that crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in California pose a danger to public health. CPCs deceive and misinform women about their reproductive options. They work specifically to block women from accessing abortion care, and in the process delay access to comprehensive prenatal care for women who want to continue their pregnancies. NARAL Pro-Choice California investigators visited over 25% of California’s crisis pregnancy centers, covering 19 counties. The findings from the investigation can be found at

"No matter what circumstances our investigators were in, the answer was always to continue the pregnancy,” said Amy Everitt, State Director of NARAL Pro-Choice California. "The bottom line is that crisis pregnancy centers put their anti-choice agenda ahead of women’s health. They will say anything to keep women from exercising their right to choose abortion care.”

The main findings of the investigation include:

Crisis pregnancy centers lie to women. In 91% of the CPCs investigators visited, the staff or volunteers falsely linked abortion with health problems such as breast cancer, infertility, mental health problems and even death. They also use false advertising that implies that they offer abortion services, when they exist to prevent women from exercising their right to choose.

Crisis pregnancy centers scare and manipulate women. Investigators were given graphic, exaggerated descriptions of an abortion procedure and shown gory videos. One investigator was told that if she had an abortion, any future pregnancy would be a sad one because she would feel she didn’t deserve children.

Crisis pregnancy centers dangerously delay access to legitimate medical care. When investigators complained of symptoms that could indicate a complication in a pregnancy, they were rarely referred to a doctor. Investigators were also led to believe that they had ample time to make a decision about having an abortion when they would have been near the end of their first trimester.

These findings are released in conjunction with a national report by NARAL Pro-Choice America demonstrating that the deceptive practices of CPCs are a national problem. The report can be found at

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