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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

It’s alarming. The number of "crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) has exploded in California. CPCs are the "clinic arm” of the anti-choice movement and NARAL Pro-Choice California Foundation has been investigating these centers for the past two years. Our report, "Unmasking Fake Clinics” reveals our findings from a year-long undercover investigation over CPCs in 19 counties all over California.

The report reveals a disturbing pattern of how these unregulated centers mislead women about their reproductive health-care options, thus posing a serious threat to women's health.

Read our report and get the facts about CPCs and what's happening in California-- protect yourself and protect your friends from these fake clinics.

Despite the threat CPCs pose to women's health, most people don't know they exist. We sent two comedians to the UC Berkeley campus to find out how much students know about CPCs and how they feel about the deceptive tactics they use.

Our CPC investigation has been covered in the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, Salon, Yahoo! News, Jezebel, Think Progress, New York Magazine and more. Click here to read recent media coverage.

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